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View/Plot Gerber RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB  

GerbMagic is a free viewer for Gerber RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB (Protel v2.5 to v2.8 formats). It can also convert Gerber RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB to PostScript, PDF, TIFF, BMP and RID formats. 

 If you have an image setter which supports either PDF, PostScript, TIFF, BMP or RID, you can plot Gerber and Protel PCB  files with the help of GerbMagic.

It's fast, easy to use, and accurate!

GerbMagic  vs. Virtual printer drivers (Postscript driver/PDF driver)
Virtual printer drivers are slow, and inaccurate. If  you have a 20M bytes Gerber file, using a virtual printer driver to produce Postscript or PDF is terrible. It's only acceptable when you don't require high accuracy. Using a virtual printer driver is not true vector to vector conversion. It may lose a lot of information depending on the printer's resolution. It may produce sawtooth edges. True vector conversion, as in the case of GerbMagic, is not resolution dependent. It generates an exact representation of the original image in another different vector language. The resulting PDF/PostScript[TM] file is also much more smaller than what a virtual printer driver produces.

High resolution software RIP
 (up to 30,000DPI)

GerbMagic is a fast, high resolution software RIP (Raster Image Processor) for RS-274x and Protel ASCII PCB. Up to 30,000 DPI has been tested with excellent performance. Multiple Gerber and PCB files may be grouped onto a single page in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion. The whole page can then be saved in raster image formats like TIFF (Packbits), BMP (standard windows bitmap) or RID (Raster Image Data)
If  you have a high resolution raster plotter, you can use GerbMagic as your RIP.


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